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Conference on protection against noise

Based on the lessons of individual cases, our office has launched a comprehensive examination in order to be able to formulate guidelines for the legal practice and legislative proposals for the revision of the regulation. In the framework of the examination we carried out thematic consultations with several environmental inspectorates, the chief inspectorate and the ministry. Our aim was to get to know and to process the good practices developed during the course of public administration procedures and the major problems of legal practice emerged in the procedures of environmental authorities. To discuss the issues of protection against noise in a broad professional circle, we organized a conference on the 6th of October, 2010 with the participation of the authorities, municipalities and professional organizations. We have summarized the result of our comprehensive examination in a draft statement outlining our proposals concerning the reform of the regulation of protection against noise. The draft was circulated in a broad circle for harmonization in order to guarantee to the maximum extent the sound professional foundations of the complex legislative proposal which is to be submitted finally to the government.

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